Bathroom Duoglove

Bathroom Duoglove Bathroom Duoglove

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Quick Overview

Our double sided glove for cleaning and drying your bathroom at once.


At a Glance

Suitable for a wide range of applications: bathrooms, laundry rooms, bathtubs, spa areas, durable tiles, grouting, shower screens, ceramic sinks, toilets etc. Tip: cleaning is much quicker if done immediately after the bathroom has been used, using the dry reverse side of your fibre to wipe already wet surfaces.


Area of Use

• Bathrooms, shower rooms, laundry rooms
• Bathtubs and showers
• Tiles and grout
• Basins
• Toilets and cisterns



Damp to wet

White side for damp or wet cleaning. Mottled side for wiping dry and cleaning polished surfaces or delicate materials such as marble and acrylic.



Daily cleaning can be performed much more quickly if wet surfaces are wiped with the dry white fibre immediately after the bathroom has been used and then wiped dry with the mottled side. If cleaning with our white fibre is not sufficient (e.g. an initial deep clean), tackle the surface with the Bathroom Duoglove together with a few drops of Calcium Dissolver. Rinse with water. Remove light corrosion from taps and shower heads using the Bathroom Duoglove and Marble Paste.



Very hard water can act like sandpaper on the surface to be cleaned and leave scratches on delicate materials (e.g. Plexiglas). In such cases, first treat the surface with Calcium Dissolver.