Floorfibre Dust

Floorfibre Dust

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Quick Overview

Allergists swear by our pore deep, fast floor cleaning.


At a Glance

The ideal choice for wherever dry dusting is required: smooth floors, walls or ceilings of any kind. Note: very oily or waxed surfaces may cause the fibres to stick together, reducing their effectiveness. Tip: after using this fibre, shake it out outdoors to remove dust or clean with a hand held vacuum cleaner. We recommend washing the Dust Floor Fibre at no more than 40°C.


Area of Use

• Smooth floors
• Wall surfaces
• Ceilings
• Large items of furniture
• Conservatories and shades
• Dusty window panes and terrace doors (e.g. due to pollen or dust from building work)
• Wood panels
• Stairs





Clean the floor in figure-of-eight movements.



Very oily or waxed surfaces may clog the Dust Glove fibre. In such cases, wash the fibre in the machine. We recommend washing ENJO dusting fibres at a maximum temperature of 40°C.