Floorfibre Extreme

Floorfibre Extreme

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Quick Overview

Ideal for hard or tough surfaces indoors and out


At a Glance

This Floor Fibre really stands its ground when it comes to tough applications both indoors and out such as heavyduty tiles, stained concrete slabs, garages, workshop floors and industrial concrete floors. It should not be used on any delicate surfaces. Perfect for removing algae from around swimming pools and decking and for cleaning brick facades.


Area of Use

• Outdoor
• Hard-wearing floors, walls and ceilings
• Concrete slabs
• Garages and workshops
• Industrial cement floors
• Hard-wearing tiles
• Safety tiles
• Glass greenhouses (hard PVC)
• Outdoor steps



Wet the fibre thoroughly and also wet the ground if required. Clean without exerting pressure in a forwards and backwards motion. Wipe dry with the Floor Fibre Medium.



Perfectly suited for removing algae from tiled swimming pools or brick facades. The Floor Fibre Extreme can also be used to lift old grease from hard-wearing kitchen floors. Our Floor Fibre Extreme collects moss from between terrace flooring as well as coloured stains from petals.



Do not use on oiled and delicate surfaces. After cleaning safety tiles in public buildings, excess water must always be wiped dry with the Floor Fibre Medium or cleaned up using the rubber lip.