Floorfibre Soft

Floorfibre Soft

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Quick Overview

Gentle cleaning of sensitive, smooth surfaces such as floors and walls


At a Glance

Perfect for the gentle cleaning of smooth and shiny flooring - especially waxed, oiled and unsealed surfaces. Recommended for use on lino, laminate and rubber flooring, or walls made from
stone, ceramic or wood. Caution! Loops of fibre may catch and snag on rough wooden floors. Also ideal for wiping dry sealed or shiny floors that have been cleaned with our Floor Fibre Medium or Floor Fibre Strong.


Area of Use

• Smooth and polished floors, walls and ceilings
• Waxed, oiled and non-sealed floors
• Stone, ceramic and varnished tiles
• Cork and rubber flooring



Dry to wet


Clean the floor in figure-of-eight movements. When used wet, the floor dries quickly and leaves sparkling cleaning results without fault. Also ideal for wiping dry smooth, sealed floors that have been cleaned with our Floor Fibre Medium.



Shake briefly after washing in the machine so that the fibre regains its shape.



Not suitable for very rough surfaces as the fibre loops may get snagged.