Floorfibre Strong

Floorfibre Strong

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Quick Overview

Our strong fibre for problem surfaces


At a Glance

The Floor Fibre Strong can be used on durable floor surfaces, both indoors and out. Take care! This fibre will remove any wax or oiled layer from floors, ceilings or walls so do not use on these surfaces. Since the Strong fibre absorbs only a limited amount of water, we recommend using a dry Soft Floor Fibre after your clean to absorb any excess water and shine up your floor. The same applies for very hard water on other surfaces.


Area of Use

• Hard-wearing floors, walls and ceilings
• Textured PVC (especially good on pimpled surfaces)
• Slate floors
• Wooden terrace flooring
• Swimming pools
• Plastic children’s pools
• Tents and pavilions
• Lorry tarpaulins
• Market stalls
• Garages and workshops




Clean the floor in figure-of-eight movements. Wipe dry with the Floor Fibre Medium.



Our Floor Fibre Strong is also recommended for the initial and/or deep cleaning of floors. Possible applications include new floor coverings, heavy oil and grease deposits, detergent deposits, dirt brought in by dirty pets and so on. In this case, wipe dry with the Floor Fibre Soft or the Floor Fibre Medium for floors with a rough texture.



Do not use on oiled and delicate surfaces.