Real Soap Plus 1000ml

Real Soap Plus 1000ml

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Quick Overview

Real Soap Plus has both a cleaning and a nourishing effect.


At a Glance

The ideal helper for heavily soiled surfaces, particularly exceptionally greasy areas. Just a few drops make floors sparkle again. Use a very small amount concentrated or dilute (5 – 10 drops per litre). Also ideal for hand washing your fibres or soaking to remove excess grease.


A combination of high-quality plant-based surfactants. Made from renewable resources such as sugar beet, corn and sugar cane. Contains pure essential orange oil as a fragrance and additional cleaning intensifier. 

With a neutral pH of 6,5.


Area of Use

• Extractor hoods and ovens
• Washing-up
• Fabrics
• Upholstered furniture and carpeted floors
• Dull old parquet floors
• Laminate and bamboo flooring
• Natural stone (marble, granite, etc.)
• Glasses and windows
• Car paint and chrome-plated parts

Real Soap Plus has both a cleaning and a nourishing effect. Its tough action against dirt and grease makes it especially useful in the kitchen, and it can also remove stains from textiles. Thanks to its nourishing effect, it is ideal for all glossy surfaces that have to be polished and refreshed.



Add five to ten drops to a litre of water.


Alternatively, apply a drop of Real Soap Plus directly to the fibre and increase the number of drops as required. To clean dull parquet or laminate flooring, add five to ten drops of Real Soap Plus to the water in the Pumpbottle. For stains on upholstered furniture, use a diluted application of Real Soap Plus and rub in a circular motion from outside to inside using the Living Duoglove Textile.



Before washing, apply Real Soap Plus to the collars of shirts and blouses to remove traces of sweat and make-up. Stubborn dirt (cigarette smoke, soot, etc.) can be cleaned using the appropriate wet ENJO fibre and a few drops of Real Soap Plus. A few drops of Real Soap Plus on the Outdoor Glove makes it easier to clean heavily stained car windows and paintwork, making them sparkle with an extra shine. A few drops of Real Soap Plus in the windscreen washer fluid removes dead insects from the glass. Real Soap Plus can also be used to care for the coat of pets. Unlike conventional pet shampoo, Real Soap Plus does not irritate the sensitive skin of animals.



Keep out of the reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Since Real Soap Plus is made from natural ingredients, the colour may vary. This has no effect on the quality of the product.