Flexi 55cm

Flexi 55cm

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Quick Overview

The flexibility of this tool is unbeatable.


Area of use

For cleaning on hard to reach places with the appropriate fibres.


Not to be used as a toy.


The enormous flexibility of this ENJO tool is unbeatable. The Flexi is made of first class steel which can be bent easily in all directions and hold each shape securely. It has a rounded edge and is coated in plastic for protection. Various ENJO Flexifibres are available.

Please refer to the next page for instruction on attaching the fibre and assembling the Flexi 25cm/55cm with the Powergrip.

Assembling the Flexi 25cm/55cm with the Telescopic Pole: Yellow ring on Flexi 25cm/55cm has to be in the lowest position (unlock), firmly insert Telescopic Pole, twist until wings engage, push yellow ring up (lock) and the Telescopic Pole is fixed.

ENJO hints

If the yellow ring is difficult to push up for fixation of the Power Grip the ring can be pushed up easily with a slight rotation.