Lens ENJOfil (Set of 3)

Lens ENJOfil

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Quick Overview

Cristal clear sight with our cloth for glasses, camera and video lenses.


At a Glance

For crystal-clear results on all types of spectacles and sunglasses, lenses, cameras, mobile phones and CDs. Tip: remove larger particles of dust first by blowing or rinsing. This is a safe way to prevent scratches. Only then should you clean surfaces in a circular motion without excessive pressure.


Area of Use 

• Spectacles
• Sunglasses and sports goggles (for diving, skiing, parachuting, etc.)
• Cameras and camcorders
• Binoculars
• Microscopes
• CDs and DVDs



Dry to damp

Clean the surface in a circular motion without excessive pressure. On the surface to be cleaned, any particles dust and dirt must be carefully removed before using the Lens ENJOfil. For products that are sensitive to water, breathing on the surface should suffice. This ensures that no scratches will occur.



Shake briefly after washing in the machine.



This delicate cloth can be damaged by sharp edges. This only affects the appearance of the cloth, not its function or effectiveness. Please note the manufacturer’s instructions, especially for coated lenses. We recommend washing the cloth at a maximum temperature of 40°C.