Lint Glove

Lint Glove

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Quick Overview

Say good bye to lint, hair and fluff on cloths and fabric furniture.


At a Glance

Puts an end to lint on clothing, upholstery, soft furnishings, fabric shoes and musical instrument and equipment cases. Especially useful for removing pet hair. Also removes lint from ENJOtex fibres. Brush against the grain to collect lint in the fibre or work with the grain to remove lint from the fibre.


Area of Use

• Items of clothing
• Upholstery, soft furnishings
• Fabric shoes
• Musical instrument and equipment cases
• Woollen blankets
• Velour car seats
• Pool and snooker tables
• Lint on ENJOtex fibres


Dry or damp


Remove lint, hair and small pieces of dirt from fabrics. Brush against the grain to collect lint. Work with the grain to remove lint from the Lint Glove.



The Lint Glove is a must in every suitcase. Paper tissues accidentally washed with clothes in the machine can be cleaned away in an instant.



On delicate materials such as new wool or velvet, test on a hidden area before use – high risk of abrasion.